2017 Cape Fear Comedy Festival Performers


Featured Performers 

Photo of Air Sex

Air Sex

The First Annual Cape Fear Air Sex Championships will be at 21 N. Front St., Rooftop Theatre (5th floor) Entering its ninth year as a nationally touring roadshow, Air Sex is the worlds first SPART – a combination of sports and art. Each Air Sex show combines the pageantry and prestige of professional sports with…

Photo of Party Crashers

Party Crashers

A little bit classy, a little bit trashy, The Party Crashers are a Norfolk, Virginia based long-form improv team. Their fast-paced style has quickly established them as a staple of the Hampton Roads improv scene, where they host a popular show at the Push Comedy Theater.

Photo of Uncalled Four

Uncalled Four

Uncalled Four is the most offensive comedy game show in America. A mashup of Price is Right and "Crabs Adjust Humidity", four comedians write a deck of horrible cards, audience members ask the questions and win prizes. We've done Bridgetown and High Plains twice, SF Sketchfest, Hell Yes Fest & more.

Photo of Louis Bishop

Louis Bishop

Louis Bishop takes the normal and twists it to the absurd. His hilarious takes on common situations make audiences groan and laugh. Host of Comedy Bingo at Dead Crow Comedy Room.

Photo of Drew Harrison

Drew Harrison

Hailing from Wilmington, Drew takes the absurd events of his life and molds them into a laid back style of comedy you have to see live. Drew toured with some fellow Wilmington comics as part of the "should of been a rapper" tour last year and participated in NCCAF in 2014 and 2015.

Photo of Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones has been doing stand-up comedy for the last 8 years. He has been seen on MTV, Laughs on Fox, reviewed by the New York Times and the web series Fitness Fail with the 3V network. He currently moved from New York to North Carolina and can be seen all over the East Coast…

Photo of Mat Millner

Mat Millner

Photo of Lew Morgante

Lew Morgante

Lew Morgante is a Wilmington based comic who has been performing for 4 years. He has been part of the Port City Comedy Tour and Co-Hosts a weekly Comedy Bingo Show at the Dead Crow Comedy Room.

Photo of Jack Nelson

Jack Nelson

Photo of Blaire Postman

Blaire Postman

Blaire Postman is an energetic, authoritative, high-voltage stand-up comedian. Her performances include unexpected material ranging from original songs, living with recovering alcoholics, outlining the dark history of Super Bowl halftime shows, the dangers of running like a well-endowed hobbit and a JPOP style cat rap. She's often sort of loud and excitable, but essentially pretty nice.

Photo of Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

Photo of Cordero Wilson

Cordero Wilson

Cordero Wilson is an up and coming comic out of Wilmington, NC. Using characters and songs, Cordero tells stories of his life and his many interests. Cordero Wilson was Port City's Top 2015 and has performed with touring acts, such as Ben Kronberg, Beth Stelling, Alonzo Bodden, and Big Jay Oakerson.

Photo of Tyler Wood

Tyler Wood

Photo of Chris Alan

Chris Alan

Chris Alan is originally from Rochester, NY. Started doing comedy in Las Vegas 2008 as hasn't looked back, He has worked clubs all across the U.S, and made his television debut on Fox's Laughs in 2014.

Photo of Emmett Montgomery

Emmett Montgomery

Utah born, Seattle based Emmett Montgomery appeared on Last Comic Standing, is Seattle Weekly’s Best Comedian and a City Arts Artist of the year (2015) and has appeared at festivals across the country. He tells jokes from his heart, his heart is usually full of hope but sometimes is full of spiders. Emmett is returning…

Photo of Katherine Jessup

Katherine Jessup

A mainstream failout, Katherine now co-hosts a popular podcast (Advice! with Dave & Kat) and has performed at festivals around the country, like Seattle ICC 37, LYAO, Cinder Block and Blue Whale. Her comedy has been called sublime, profoundly relatable, and also available for birthday parties.

Photo of Tim Hanlon

Tim Hanlon

Originally from Florida now working out of Los Angeles California. Tim started performing comedy in 2010. Has performed in over 20 states and numerous national festivals.

Photo of Shaun Connolly

Shaun Connolly

Shaun is from Worcester, MA and has played all of the Northeast. He runs his own talk show called The Sort of Late Show and a game show called Hot Dog! Shaun Connolly's head shot is looking at you no matter how you hold the program.

Photo of Alex Velluto

Alex Velluto

Alex Velluto was voted 'Best Comedian' by City Weekly Magazine and is the winner of the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival in Ithaca, NY. He is a regular at Wiseguys Comedy Club where he has headlined and worked with some of the biggest names in comedy.

Photo of Tim Middleton

Tim Middleton

Tim has performed and hosted at venues all across the D.C. area, overcoming his fear of bees to delight crowds large, small, and nonexistent. Come say hi to him at a show, and he'll buy you a beer. He loves making you laugh, and was lying about the beer.

Photo of Naomi Karavani

Naomi Karavani

Naomi Karavani is a comedian and correspondent for the weekly comedy news show "Redacted Tonight." She appeared in comedy festivals such as the 202 Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy - New York, and the District of Comedy Festival. She is originally from New York City.

Photo of Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

Originally from Detroit, MI, Justin Jackson now calls Syracuse, NY his home. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, Justin holds nothing back while performing. He is a regular host at the Syracuse Funny Bone.

Photo of Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark is a stand up comedian from Los Angeles. He has a podcast called This is Rad. He likes cardigan sweaters, dogs, and horror movies.

Photo of Billy Anderson

Billy Anderson

Born in Texas and raised in Georgia, comedian Billy Anderson has written for Cracked.Com, performed in SF Sketchfest, was a finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition and has been paid to perform stand-up comedy in every US state. He was recently featured on Fox TV's "Laughs".

Photo of Mary Becquet

Mary Becquet

Mary Becquet is an accountant with a bad attitude who tried to live a straight life but just can't. She lives in San Antonio, Texas (Austin's poorer, fatter sister city). Mary opened for Mike Epps in 4 Texas cities in 2015 and does a lot of shows in smelly bars and iffy comedy club basements

Photo of Gabriela Tijerina

Gabriela Tijerina

I am a Mexican-American comedian, born and raised on the border town of Laredo, TX. I started performing stand up and improv in NYC and recently moved to San Antonio to get on the road. I regret this every day.

Photo of Melissa Douty

Melissa Douty

Professional touring comedian known for her authentic, clean comedy based out of Salem, VA.The first woman to make the finals and take the winning title at the 2016 Ultimate Comic Challenge in Greensboro, NC.Top 15 out of 101 at the World Series of Comedy Main Event in Las Vegas, NV.

Photo of Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank is a St. Louis comedian whose cerebral, imaginative style and relentless ethic have resulted in three nationwide tours spanning a total of 42 cities. He was the Winner of Go Bananas Funniest in Cincinnati 2016, Winner of Make Me Laugh 2015, and 2nd place in Trial By Laughter 2015.

Photo of Marc-Anthony Sinagoga

Marc-Anthony Sinagoga

Marc-Anthony recreates his life experiences as an overweight Italian going against the family grain in a melting pot society. In recent years Marc-Anthony was a part of JFL42, a finalist in the Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Boarder City Comedy Festival and the winner of the Brantford Comedy Festiva

Photo of Mark Brady

Mark Brady

Mark Brady is from Raleigh NC. He is a regular at goodnights comedy club, and opened for comics such as Dom Irrera, Donnell Rawlings and Tom Segura. In 2016 he won the title of North Carolina's funniest person contest held at goodnights. As well as season 10 fight night champion at comedy zone.

Photo of Jordan Makin

Jordan Makin

Born and raised in the heart of Utah County, Jordan Makin had to compensate for his red hair and uneventful childhood by learning to be funny. He has worked with many comedy greats, such as Marc Maron, Ryan Hamilton, and Drew Lynch. His comedy has been featured at the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival.

Photo of Derek Minto

Derek Minto

Derek Minto is a Pittsburgh based comic who was voted 2016 best stand up by the PGH City Paper. He has opened for Hanniabal Buress, Jim Brewer and Amy Schumer once drunkenly told him he was very funny. Derek has traveled the US doing comedy but still finds any city without fries on its salad…

Photo of Sonya Vai

Sonya Vai

Sonya Vai was born & raised in NYC. In 2016 she was in the San Diego Comedy Festival, World Series of Comedy, the Ventura and Burbank Comedy Festivals, the Desi Fest and the Harlem Comedy Festival. She recently completed her 1st national comedy tour performing in 25 shows in 23 days in 21 citi

Photo of Doug Key

Doug Key

Doug Key has made appearances on VH1, MTV, and ABC. He's been featured in both the Boston and New York Comedy Festivals and is the founder of the Rogue Island Comedy Festival in Newport, Rhode Island.

Photo of Nick Pupo

Nick Pupo

Nick Pupo started comedy in Orlando FL in 2010 and has since moved to New York City to pursue his career. He has opened for such comedians as Kyle Kinane, Sean Patton and Tig Notaro. He is one of the founders of the Orlando Indie Comedy Fest and is a recurring guest star on AMC's…

Photo of Hannah Boone

Hannah Boone

Hannah is comic.She writes jokes that are funny Wow laughter nice job!

Photo of Alysia Hush

Alysia Hush

I am a New York-based comedian who can be seen in clubs all over the city, including: New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Dangerfield's, and The Stand. I've been featured in Chicago Funny Festival. I specialize in dark, observational, and political humor. I hate that I used "specialize".

Photo of Jono Zalay

Jono Zalay

Jono Zalay grew his voice as a standup comedian in Boston while earning his PhD in Neuroscience. He now lives in New York City where he has been featured in Time Out New York and was named one of Comedy Central's Comics to Watch in 2016.

Photo of Charley McMullen

Charley McMullen

Charley McMullen is a comedian with an acerbic wit that compliments his frustrated absurdist sensibilities. Originally from Colorado, he knows a guy. He'll introduce you if you want.

Photo of Bianca Cristovao

Bianca Cristovao

Laugh Factory's Funniest Person In the World finalist. International comedian performing all over the world. Wrote and performed on the most recognized Late Night Show in the Czech Republic (Jan Kraus Show).

Photo of Jon Dunn

Jon Dunn

After discovering that practicing law is soul-crushing and awful, Jon Dunn decided that a career in comedy would be slightly less soul-crushing and awful. Originally from Birmingham, AL, Jon has shared his self-deprecating charm with audiences up and down the east coast and, recently, the southwest.

Photo of Jon Savoy

Jon Savoy

Jon Savoy is a comic on the outside looking further outside. After establishing himself in New York City, he moved on to the road, finally settling in Los Angeles. In addition to stand up, he has recently acted in two feature films and is in pre-production on two more which he is producing himself.

Photo of Heather Marullli

Heather Marullli

Born in New York City and raised in the thrilling suburbs of Colorado, Heather Marulli is a performer and writer living in LA. Heather's stand up is bold, opinionated, and tinged with darkness. Heather performs regularly in the LA area on popular shows like Roast Battle.

Photo of Franklin Marshall

Franklin Marshall

Hello, I'm Franklin Marshall The Third. I'm a stand up comedian from Greens Farms, Connecticut. I've traveled across America striving to win over the hearts of every human being. Some human beings have seen my Face or met me in real life space or in internet book of faces.

Photo of Erikka Innes

Erikka Innes

Erikka Innes is a nerd who loves science, pop culture, and dick jokes. You've seen her on Laughs on Fox, and her Twitter feed was recommended by the SF Weekly. If she's not doing stand up, she's probably authoring a tech manual or dreaming about being a starship captain.

Photo of Jeannette Rizzi

Jeannette Rizzi

Jeannette started hitting comedy stages at the age of 23. She snagged accolades at Florida’s Funniest Comedian competition, the Time Warner On Demand Comedy Contest, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Tickled Pink Comedy Contest and more. Jeannette also performs her one woman show, Blindsided.

Photo of Aaron Naylor

Aaron Naylor

Aaron Naylor is a comedian from Kansas City, MO. He has been doing comedy for 4 years. He has performed in several comedy festivals including the 2016 Cleveland Comedy Festival where he was awarded 2nd place.

Photo of Anna Lepeley

Anna Lepeley

Anna Lepeley has a PhD in Exercise Biochemistry & Nutrition research. Dr. Anna sheds light on sexuality, culture, and more as a Latin American, gay comedian who tours with an effeminate straight male comedian. Anna is currently touring with the Butch & Femme Comedy tour and has opened for Steve-O.

Photo of Furious Write

Furious Write

Furious Write was raised a joke slinging Texan and is a proud pet parent. Furious can be seen live on the Funny Bus of Charlotte, NC.

Photo of Danielle Thralow

Danielle Thralow

Danielle Thralow was recently named the “Second most funny person in Minneapolis and St. Paul” at the ACME comedy Club. She also just represented Miami in Florida’s Funniest. She lives in Duluth Minnesota.

Photo of Byron Graham

Byron Graham

Byron Graham is journeyman stand-up comedian and undefeated duelist from Denver, Colorado, where he's the Events Editor and comedy writer for the local alt-weekly newspaper, Westword. He's performed all across the country and participated in the Beast Village and High Plains Comedy festivals.

Photo of Steve Vanderploeg

Steve Vanderploeg

Steve Vanderploeg is a Dutch boy from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, where he runs an award winning show at Chain Reaction Brewing Company in Denver. He's also aware that awards mean nothing. He has performed on the High Plains Comedy Festival and Crom Comedy Festival in Denver multiple times.

Photo of Jasmine Ellis

Jasmine Ellis

Jasmine Ellis began her career in Dallas TX in 2013 and has since earned top spots performing in several festivals including Austin's Out Bounds comedy festival, DCF and Blue Whale. Jasmine can be seen on the upcoming season of "Stand Up Empire" on PBS airing in 2017

Photo of Leslie Battle

Leslie Battle

Leslie Battle, a Texas native now in Columbus, OH, began stand-up in July 2011 after an 'uncivilized' divorce. She travels the country with her tales of motherhood, military service and pop culture observations. She has won contests in Columbus, OH (Funnybone) and Indianapolis, IN (Crackers).

Photo of Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny

BRIAN KENNY is a gentleman, scholar, Clevelander, and founding member of Accidental Comedy Club. He's been on Fox, can be seen on Hulu, and can be found yelling at audiences until they enjoy themselves all over the country. He loves you very much, and knows deep down you love him back.

Photo of Arish Singh

Arish Singh

Arish Singh leaves audiences across America laughing, from comedy clubs to mass assemblies keen on smashing the state. Singh has opened for acts like Tim Heidecker, Kamau Bell, Hasan Minhaj, and has featured in the Chicago Comedy Expo, Minneapolis's 10,000 Laughs, and Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen.

Photo of Charlie Vergos

Charlie Vergos

Charlie Vergos' slow Memphis barbecue accent and spaciness give him the stage presence of a dude who fell into a ditch while looking for chewing gum, but he can do the whole smart joke thing too. Then he might make a joke about boogers. Or juggle or play piano. It is what it is.

Photo of Kellye Jue

Kellye Jue

Chicago native, named Chicago's boldest comedian. Featured on FOX Laughs, as well as other TV performances. Kellye is a writer, recent graduate of the Second City Improv Conservatory, as well as a podcaster on her show 'Kellye Talks' on Soundcloud.

Photo of Natasha Ferrier

Natasha Ferrier

Natasha Ferrier is a Chattanooga comic bursting with energy and awkward charm. She has toured all across the Southeast on tours such as The Wrecking Ball Run and The Southern Helles Tour, and is the winner of The Great Kentucky Mic Off Semifinals.

Photo of Kwasi Mensah

Kwasi Mensah

Kwasi bridges the gap between insightful observations about race and still thinking he could be a Power Ranger when he was 15. He's opened for W. Kamau Bell, Sasheer Zamata and co-produces Laughing Liberally Boston, a show that combines comedy with progressive politics.

Photo of Catherine Zini

Catherine Zini

Catherine Zini is a New York City comedian originally from Philadelphia. She has featured at Catch a Rising Star comedy clubs and is co-host of the web series Pitchin' Bits!

Photo of Danny Felts

Danny Felts

Danny Felts is a comedian hailing from the great fugue state of Portland, OR who now lives in Brooklyn, NY. Danny's comedy is like Iceland. Obscure, layered in an array of sweaters, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Photo of Kimberly Dinaro

Kimberly Dinaro

Kimberly Dinaro is a Brooklyn-based writer and comedian. She writes for Reductress and accidentally stole Adam Sandler's credit card one time.

Photo of Chris Calogero

Chris Calogero

Chris Calogero is a comedian and writer in Brooklyn. He's been featured on Fusion TV and AOL's 2 Point Lead web series, He has performed in the Brooklyn and Jersey City Comedy Festivals. Chris co-hosts and produces a nontraditional live late night show called Not Quite Midnight.

Photo of Emily Winter

Emily Winter

Emily is a writer at TV Land, a script judge for NBC's Late Night Writers Workshop, and a former staff writer on the Fusion show Come Here And Say That. She co-founded WHAT A JOKE, a comedy fest that took place in 34 cities simultaneously over inauguration weekend to raise over $50K for The ACLU.

Photo of Julia Shiplett

Julia Shiplett

Originally from Chicago, Julia Shiplett is a comedian living in Brooklyn. She’s been seen in the Brooklyn Comedy Fest, Hell Yes Fest, Cinder Block Comedy Festival & the Chicago Women’s Funny Fest. Other credits include winning a Moth StorySLAM and making it to the 2015 StandUp NBC semifinals.

Photo of Pranav Behari

Pranav Behari

A former writer for MAD Magazine, Pranav lights up stages across NYC with his riotous brand of intelligent, edgy humor.

Photo of Anya Volz

Anya Volz

Anya Volz is a Vermont standup, now based out of NYC. She draws her comedic inspiration from the uncomfortable.She has won first runner-up in VT’s Funniest Comedian, been nominated by the readers of Seven Days magazine for VT’s Best Standup Comic and has featured for numerous national headliners.

Photo of Katie McCarthy

Katie McCarthy

Katie McCarthy has performed many places including: the Bridgetown, Eugene Mirman, & Scruffy City Comedy Festivals; The Comedy Studio as Comic in Residence; Nerdist's Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction Podcast 3 times; SeeSo; lots of bars; sometimes basements; once in a barn.

Photo of Zachary Brazão

Zachary Brazão

Zachary Brazão began performing comedy in 2015 and has since performed all over Boston and once in Calgary. Zach’s jokes will have you laughing at his baby body one minute and crying about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire the next. He is currently reading the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

Photo of Liam McGurk

Liam McGurk

I am from a Massachusetts suburb and I live in Cambridge MA now. I've played at all the major Boston venues as well as Giggles comedy club and now I run my own show called starting February 8th. I've performed as a feature and I've opened for Ryan Donohue, Myq Kaplan, Ahmed Baroocha, Orlando Baxter.

Photo of Mitchell Potts

Mitchell Potts

Mitchell Potts is a comedian that lives in Bloomington, IN. Using a combination of self-deprecating humor and clever one-liners, Mitchell has charmed audience across the Midwest. He was a featured performer in the 2016 Limestone Comedy Festival and the 2016 Arch City Comedy Festival.

Photo of M.K. Paulsen

M.K. Paulsen

M.K Paulsen is a comedian from Austin, Texas living in Los Angeles, California. He recently attained Internet fame with his viral blog BurritoMakesThree.com that features newborn baby pictures with a Chipotle burrito. He has appeared on numerous festivals including Bridgetown and Moontower.

Photo of Neal Reddy

Neal Reddy

Known for his sharp observational humor and self deprecating style, Neal Reddy is quickly becoming one of Atlanta's top comedians. Neal has shared the stage with many comedic greats such as Anthony Jeselnik, Jeff Ross and Bert Kreischer. He performed at the Oddball comedy festival in 2015 as well.

Photo of Will Copeland

Will Copeland

Since moving from Nashville to Atlanta, Will Copeland had become a staple performer in a city with a formidable comedy scene, opening for tons of headliners like Pete Holmes and Gary Gulman. You can catch him regularly at one of the best weekly shows in the country, Star Bar Monday Night Comedy.