#CFCF2016 Day 3 Highlights

Day three of the 2016 Cape Fear Comedy Festival saw the storms that have plagued us all week begin to subside. Comics had nearly entirely indoctrinated one another into their new comedy families. I continued to see photos of amazing grilled food prepared by Courtney Fearrington at the Jengo’s compound. Calls began coming in early afternoon about the shows for the evening.

The evening kicked off with Mary Mack at Dead Crow Comedy Room. The show was great and the crowd was nearly at capacity. City Stage kicked off minutes later with a stand-up showcase, followed by Dusty Slay’s Album recording. We can’t say enough good things about City Stage as a venue. Above and beyond that, Louis Bishop stepped up and did a hell of a job recording Dusty’s show. Also, the dudes from Fake Brothers and Nick from City Stage Co. went above and beyond to help us with our shows there.

The Bombers Bevarge Company showcase was packed. Comics were killing it each time I walked in the room.

The night concluded with a loud, drunken audience being put in a comedy headlock by the comics who closed out the late show at Reel Cafe. All in all, one amazing evening.

The day starts with a FREE show at 4:20pm at The Seawitch in Carolina Beach. The next show is Reformed Whores at Dead Crow Comedy Room followed by a 7:15pm stand-up showcase at City Stage and a 7:30pm showcase at Reel Cafe. Admission to City Stage is $5, and admission to Reel Cafe is $10. You can get tickets to see Reformed Whores here (7pm) (9:30pm)

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