City Stage to Host Five Festival Shows

City Stage Theatre Hosts Five Cape Fear Comedy Festival Shows

The 2016 Cape Fear Comedy Festival features 23 comedy shows. Five of those shows will happen at City Stage at Level 5. City Stage is located on the 5th floor of 21 N. Front Street in Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina. It is perfectly situated between the other two primary venues for the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Dead Crow Comedy Room and Reel Cafe.  This means, after you see the awesome shows at City Stage you can be in the door at either of the two other venues and seated within 6 minutes of walking! NO other festival offers this type of convenience!

Shows featured at City Stage during #CFCF2016 include Fake Brothers,¬†A Good Trip with Shane Mauss, Dusty Slay’s Album Recording and Joe Pettis’ Underwear Comedy Party.

To see a full list of shows at City Stage, go here>>

City Stage History
city stage cape fear comedy festival(FROM Plans for the old Masonic Building located at 21 North Front Street were conceived in 1897, when several Masonic groups banded together and decided to build a new Masonic Temple. Construction began in 1898 and the cornerstone of the building was laid on May 13, 1899.

The fifth floor of the building was converted to the present theatre around 1914. It was occupied by the Scottish Rite Bodies from 1909 to 1981. The robing room for the Masons is now the dressing room for the actors. The second, third and fourth floors were used by the Masonic and Allied Masonic Bodies from the time the building was opened until 1981.

On June 24, 1982, the building was sold to the Wilmington Holding Corporation. Offices were then leased to the Army Corps of Engineers who also leased space in 23 North Front Street. If you look in the alley between 21 and 23 North Front, you can see the breezeway between the two buildings which was used as a crossover by the engineers.

The building changed hands again on August 31, 1992, when actor Dennis Hopper purchased the property. After purchasing the Masonic Building, Mr. Hopper embarked on renovations of the building. Mr. Hopper then sold the building to John Sutton who is the current owner of the Masonic Building.

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