Scruffy City Comedy Festival now accepting Submissions

2015_0715_ScruffyCitySubmissionsWhen I am not working on the Cape Fear Comedy Festival I am the producer of the Scruffy City Comedy Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.The Scruffy City Comedy Festival features three days of live comedy all in Downtown Knoxville the weekend of Friday November 13th until Sunday night November 15th.

The Scruffy City Comedy Festival has begun taking submissions from comedians interested in performing at our 2015 (2nd Annual) Festival.  Submissions will be taken until September 1st at Midnight.

Comedians that are selected to perform will be on stage at least once each night their are available to attend the festival.

Submit to the 2015 Scruffy City Comedy Festival

#CFCF2015 Very Good Big Fun Yes!

by Matt Ward

2015_0513_ThankYouThis year the Cape Fear Comedy Festival was very different for Timmy and I. In the past I we both juggled running around to all the venues to assure they were all set for the opening of shows for the evening.  Often we appeared frantic and stressed out. This year, we had enough help from volunteers and other staffers to slow down.  The first question I was asked from folks that had seen me at the festival last year was “Are you ok?”  Those that know me closely know that my vision for the festival is what I focus on all festival week and barely take a moment to stop and smell the comedy roses. Probably good I don’t as that analogy sounds aromatically displeasing.


Improvement in processes was also to credit for this additional time we both had to mingle, relax and actually watch solid parts of many of the shows.  So, in summary, Timmy and I got to see the festival this time around more so as fans than ever before. We both got to see some of the best regularly working comics in the country and some of the best up and coming comics.

Our Thank yous
Thanks to all who helped make this the best Cape Fear Comedy Festival yet.  Thanks to my partner in this thing, Timmy Sherrill. Thanks to Cole for stepping up and being a great partner for Dead Crow Comedy Room and a solid assistant in the festivals marketing and promotions. Thanks to Aimme Elfers, Lou Goodenshlagen, Marcell (last name) and the rest of the staff at Dead Crow Comedy Room,  Brian Harmon and the staff at Reel Cafe. Thanks to the door staff for the venues including Gary Haymes, Addison Crowl, Matt White, Drew Harrison, Tyler Wood, Jon Ripley and Owen Wilson. Thanks to Laura Sanders out of Columbus, Ohio for the work designing all graphics/posters etc for the festival. Thanks to Katherine Clark for being our staff photographer for the third straight year.  Thanks to Zach Boylston and the staff at Bombers Bev. Company for hosting our Friday night open mic. Thanks to Sara Schaefer, Ahmed Bharoocha, Baron Vaughn, Chris Trew and Rojo Perez for being amazing comics.

Thanks to Shea at Shea Carver at Encore Magazine and John Staton at Star News for the great press coverage.

To the comics who performed during this year’s festival, my hats off to you.  You drove and flew from miles away, donated your time and performances to make our festival something truly special. If you weren’t friends you now are.  If you already were friends, you helped usher in new friendships with your companionship and overall comradery.  Our festival would be nothing without you and we are very grateful.

Finally, to the fans that support live entertainment, specifically, live comedy in Wilmington.  You are amazing.  When you could be going to the beach or enjoying a million other amazing activities that the Cape Fear Coast has to offer, you choose art.  Our festival wouldn’t be able to work in just another port city.

Again, my hats off to all for making our festival a success.

Matt Ward

Final day of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival tonight!


Sara Schaefer killing it at Dead Crow Comedy Room

What an amazing night last night. Hundreds of comedy fans poured into Downtown Wilmington to watch shows at 4 different venues.  Sold out shows at Dead Crow Comedy Room and Reel Cafe were highlights of the night.  Sara Schaefer killed it at Dead Crow, Baron Vaughn brought the house down at City Stage, then popped up at Reel Cafe for a late show guest set. Expect much of the same tonight with the addition of two more shows at The Beam Room!  Tonight you will overdose on comedy!!!


First off, tickets to see Sara Schaefer are not included in the festival pass or day pass purchases.  If you want to see Sara Schaefer, please purchase your tickets online at  The early show is just a few seats from selling out, so get yours NOW if you want to see the 8pm.  Lastly, tickets for the Beam Room, Reel Cafe, manna or City Stage shows are only available at the door and they are $10.  That gets you admission to all of the venues I just mentioned in the last run-on sentence.  That’s it folks, text 910-409-1262 if you have additional questions and we will see you tonight!