Tell me about the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

The Cape Fear Comedy Festival is a comedy festival.  Yup, no shit.  Got it, it’s a comedy festival, we know that, it says it in the name.  What is a comedy festival?  Well, most often it is a convergence of comedians on a single city/town/neighborhood/boat that takes place over the course of anywhere from a few weeks to a few days.  Most often multiple venues put on comedy shows over the course of the festival. Comics hang out, drink, eat and everything the locality has to offer during these events.  Comedy Festivals are either competitive or non-competitive based on whether their is a prize awarded for being the best performer at the festival. Ok, you probably really knew what a comedy festival is.

2014_1204_CapeFearWhy did we name it the Cape Fear Comedy Festival?
That part is easy.  The Cape Fear River runs through Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina where the festival is held. It meets the Atlantic Ocean just 20 miles or so south. A few blocks north of Dead Crow Comedy Room is Cape Fear Community College.  No, we didn’t have a deep love for Robert De Niro’s early work.  We are in the heart of the Cape Fear Region located in Southeastern North Carolina.

When is the Cape Fear Comedy Festival?
We pick mid spring to have the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  We like the beginning of May for many reasons.  Mostly because Wilmington is a tourist fueled town and tourists have yet to arrive in the end of April and beginning of May.  Also, there is less competition from other events in the area sucking up hotel rooms and rental cars.  The weather is pretty great in that time of year.  Temps in the 70’s but still a jacket encouraging chill in the evenings.  This year the festival is Wednesday April 29th until Saturday May 2nd.



Where exactly is the Cape Fear Comedy Festival?  
In Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.  Since last year we have made all of our venues walking distance from one another. Front Street and Market Street are the two main streets in Downtown Wilmington.  All of our events are within a five minute walk of this point. Downtown Wilmington has dozens of bars and probably closer to 100 restaurants and other shopping options. Wilmington is a very old city with a lot of pride.  If you are interested in learning more about the city, see our ‘About‘ page.

Is the Cape Fear Comedy Festival Competitive?  
No. We are not at all a comedy contest or other type of competition.  We put on a contest every year called Port City’s Top Comic, but it is not set up at all like our festival.  Comics are showcasing at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, not competing.

-Matt Ward



Excuse the Mess

GaryBuseyI have to say I hate, hate, hate when web sites have a page that hasn’t been updated and just a message that says “Coming Soon”.  I also hate when folks say “Excuse the Mess” when it has been six months since they started to update and clean up their site.  That being said, “Excuse the Mess” as we transition to a new server and design for our 2015 Festival Year. I am working on making this set more beneficial for comics and fans of comedy. I have a lot of grand plans, but most importantly I want this site to be viewable and usable from mobile devices, since that is where more people are accessing information than laptops or desktops anymore.  Working my butt off on this throughout the week, should be starting to shape up nicely and have all the information you need tonight or tomorrow.  In the meantime, submit to our festival for free now!

-Matt Ward

Scruffy City Comedy Festival and Orlando Indie Comedy Festival now taking submissions

Orlando Indie Comedy Festival 
Two new comedy festivals have been born out of strong emerging comedy scenes in the Southeast.  Orlando’s Indie Comedy Scene is presenting the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival September 25th-28th at various venues around Orlando.  They are currently taking submissions for just $15 (goes up soon so submit now).  Click the button to the left to get to their submission page.

The Scruffy City Comedy Festival
Also taking submissions is the first Scruffy City Comedy Festival
held November 6th, 7th and 8th in Knoxville, Tennessee.  This event is produced by Matt Ward, the co-producer of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  Submissions are being taken now for just $20 and you can also click on the image (to the right) to submit today.

2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival concludes

Selfie, even though we all know better and aren’t 14

The 2014 Cape Fear Comedy Festival came to a close early Sunday morning around 1am with a great set by 4 times CFCF attendee Matt White. Timmy Sherrill got up and gave a brief speech and I ended up in the selfie to the left here.. I then promptly lost my wallet with all my credit cards and my ID and then promptly got pulled over and given a speeding ticket taking the final comic home.  However, it did nothing in any way to diminish just how awesome I felt our 5th Annual Comedy Festival went.  I saw some of the best comics in the country and Wilmington’s base of comedy fans once again proved to be one of the highest quality out there. Can’t wait until the pictures from our photographer come up!  Soon I will post a much longer thank you to all involved.  Until then.  #CFCF2014 is the hashtag on twitter and facebook where you can read comedians posts about the festival.

Grawlix Headline Closing Night of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl of the Grawlix headline tonight’s final night of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival

The Grawlix (well 2/3 of them at least minus Adam Cayton-Holland who is on the Funny or Die Tour) are coming to City Stage tonight at 8pm.  Myself, I am a HUGE fan of the stuff these guys do.  From their web series to their consistently sold out live shows in Denver and beyond, the Grawlix are combining improv, sketch and stand-up comedy in their live shows in a way no one else is doing.  Joining them tonight at City Stage will be Dan DeCotiis, Jay Whitecotton, Madison Davis and Irene Tu.   Tickets are available for $12 at the door.  This admission covers all other shows you want to see tonight at the festival!

FREE Improv Dinner show tonight 6:30pm at The Beam Room!

Join us in just over an hour to see some Improv from Atlanta, Automatic Improv!!  The show is free if you use the promo code ‘AUTOMATIC’ at the door!

Automatic Improv performs improvisational comedy. If you don’t know what that means, it’s kinda like Whose Line Is It Anyway except without Drew Carrey!

Tonight is the final night of the Cape Fear Comedy Festival.  You can also get a day pass for tonight for $8 ONLY AT THE AUTOMATIC IMPROV SHOW!!!  After that they are $12.  Come out, eat dinner and laugh with Automatic Improv!!

Tickets available for tonight at door of all venues!

While tickets are no longer available online you can still get tickets to see all today’s events (Day Pass) at the door at each venue 30 minutes before showtime.  Check out the schedule page to see exactly where and when that is.  Day passes are $12 for all shows tonight.  You can get a ‘Festival Pass’ for both Friday and Saturday for just $15, again at any of the doors beginning 30 minutes before the show.

Tonight’s headline event is the amazing Ben Roy at City Stage at 8pm.  Ben is part of the Grawlix who will be performing tomorrow night as our closing night headline act also at City Stage.  Ben was the last comedian to perform at Nutt St. Comedy Room before it’s closing last summer and is super excited to be back in Wilmington. 

INFO TEXT:  Still have questions?  Text festival co-founder Matt Ward at 910-409-1262